The ‘boogie man syndrome’

To the editor:

The conservative leaders are forever telling the republicans, “the sky is falling.” With insinuated threats about Biden, open borders, rape, murder, the race card, Biden, riots, guns, abortion, Marxism, Communism, Socialism, Biden, pedophiles, and child sex rings.

When you realize these are just radical conservative theories, “boogie man words,” and not remotely true, you can relax. You’re also told to fear losing liberties, freedoms, and religion, and stories about a central “authority of elites” that is coming for you. I guarantee you those are false narratives and not on any Democrat agenda. You fear all of that, and then you all voted for an elitist, authoritarian cult-of-personality, spoiled rich boy.

When this cult-of-personality lost the election, he still called you all to come and use force to take back the country, to stop the vote, and fix a lie that never existed.

The world watched as the violent radical right attacked the U.S. Capital. They beat the police and killed five people. At the same time, he watched the attack going on and on and on and sent his love.

The country now has a pandemic of conservative amnesia that the 14th amendment could solve.

So, before you start criticizing the current administration, please pick up the pieces of the Republican party and put them back together again.

Lisa Haney



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