Proud of our country’s accomplishments; optimistic about the future

To the editor:

Mr. Roger Baumann’s recent letter dated June 4 was very enlightening as to how he thinks. His obsession with communism is very reminiscent of McCarthyism.

I’ve been thinking we’ve been in a new era of the whole “Red Scare”. I’m sure Mr. Baumann, being the learned man he is, is well aware of how that turned out for that disgraced Senator from Wisconsin, Joseph McCarthy.

Anyway, I see Mr. Baumann chose to leave out Article I, Section 8, Clause 18 of the Constitution in his critical remarks. This Clause gives Congress the authority to create laws considered “necessary and proper” for the nation.

Every law that was in my previous letter dated May 21 is in fact constitutional. Constitutional judges, lawyers and scholars all say so. But Mr. Baumann asserts that these laws are somehow unconstitutional. I tend to trust the opinions of these constitutional scholars over that of Mr. Baumann’s.

While I won’t judge or disparage Mr. Baumann’s knowledge of the Constitution as he did to me, I will say that his grasp on recent history is tenuous at best.

It seems he is intent on blaming everything bad that happened during the Trump administration on the Biden administration. According to him, all the division, hate, riots and violence that occurred are entirely President Biden’s fault. Was the pro-Trump insurrection which was inspired by Trump and his lies Biden’s fault, too?


Trump’s $7.8 Trillion increase to our national debt, which is the most in any four-year term ever, seems to have completely slipped by Mr. Baumann.

And I guess siding with neo-nazis and white supremacists like Trump did isn’t playing the “race card”?

Or perhaps we should continue to forcefully separate children from their parents at the southern border as the Trump administration did in order to secure our border?

Mr. Baumann’s misplaced resentment toward President Biden, his nativism, his misrepresentation of the facts and history, and his slightly disturbing obsession with communist manifestos will not change the fact that I am still very proud of our country’s accomplishments and extremely optimistic about the future.

Anthony Studemann



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