How optimistic are you with future of open borders, higher gas prices?

To the editor:

Mr Anthony Studemann’s recent letter dated June 8 made me chuckle some, but was sad at the same time.

McCarthyism? Really? That made me chuckle, but what makes me sad is how Mr Studemann picks and chooses words in Article I, Section 8 to misinterpret and mislead. He takes a few words out of the first paragraph of Article I, Section 8, adds a couple of his own and places three words at the end from the last paragraph. That is a complete misinterpretation whether it was intentional or not. It is obvious how little understanding of the Constitution and the principles it was based on by the Founders he has.

Mr Studemann and the few that believe this warped version of what is and is not virtuous and in accord with the original intent of the Constitution use name calling, perversion of fact and outright false claims in referring to citizens of this country that disagree with them. The words, such as, neo-nazis, white supremacists, racism and such are being used by un-principled, self-aggrandizing, as exaggerating one’s own importance, often disregarding the truth and are being used by radicals in Washington DC, often referred to as the “swamp” and many in the “complicit” media along with people like Mr Studemann.

I am very proud of our country’s accomplishments when “all” American citizens were benefiting from lower taxes, lower gas and food prices, energy independence, a strong, healthy and growing economy, high employment, low unemployment, border wall protection, peace breaking out in the Middle East and more up to and until a few short months ago.

As for Mr Studemann’s claims of knowing of my thoughts and opinions on the present administration and the circle of radical lap dogs surrounding him — I find it difficult to believe that he can be so “very proud of our country’s accomplishments and extreme optimism about the future”. Mr Studemann must be happy and proud with open borders, higher gas and food prices, paying people not to work, proposing trillions and trillions of spending, cowtowing to our adversaries such as China and Russia to mention a few.

It sure looks like a radical Marxist agenda hellbent on destroying this country happening in “real time” right now. I ask you, is this what makes you “proud and extremely optimistic about the future”?

Roger Baumann



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