Bigotry is not an opinion

To the editor:

I’m response to Trudy’s letter (Trudy Madetzke, June 29)

When or how are Christian kids not supported?

I’ve never encountered a student who was afraid their parents would kick them out over the weekend for coming out as Christian. I have never had a student request a counselor appointment because they are struggling to be accepted as Christians, never have they hesitated to ask me for help to fundraise for a mission trip, to share that they celebrate events such as confirmation, weddings, baptisms, or other religious celebrations.

Christians don’t come to school on any of their religious holidays (that cannot be said for our students of any other faith), they have Wednesday evenings off from activities, they are served non meat options every Friday during lent, they are allowed to pray, they hold FCA meetings in the school (where student leaders are required to sign homophobic contracts which is likely not in compliance with school policy).

Christians are the most supported and welcomed students in schools across America but especially in small, conservative areas such as Marshall. Their free speech is and always has been upheld.

Being gay isn’t a religion nor is it ant-religion. Bigotry isn’t an opinion. There are not two sides. Gay kids exist. That’s it. Quit viewing their existence as an attack on your religion.

Any kid can (and often does) pray, post Bible quotes inside their lockers, share their favorite verse, etc. the existence of queer kids doesn’t change that.

Drop the hate you spew or at least quit calling it Christianity. It’s time to move on.

Karrie Alberts



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