Biden administration lacking in upholding Constitutional duties

To the editor:

In response to Mr. Anthony Studemann’s letter of May 21.

Much of what you wrote give me pause and great concern. It is clear you aren’t all that familiar with the principles spelled out in our Constitution and it’s original intent. There are only a couple of items that you had in your two paragraphs that the Constitution authorizes the Federal Government to lay and collect taxes for and that is the military and post offices. (Article 1, Section 8)

All the other things mentioned, such as, infrastructure,investing in childrens’ futures, investing in local communities and businesses, expanding the “middle class”, Social Security, Medicare, etc. are not within the boundaries of our Constitutional system by the Federal Government. (10th Amendment) Several of those issues belong at the State level, county level, city level and even individual level.

It is clear that this present administration is severely lacking in upholding their Constitutional duties and responsibilities as required.

They are adding trillions to the debt we will never be able to pay, resulting in the destruction of our economic system, open borders with little or no vetting, resulting in the citizens being endangered by diseases and crime, creating division by constantly playing the “race card” causing unrest and violent riots. These and much more is tearing at the very fabric of our society.

These are the beginnings of creating a Marxist/communistic state. It’s a take over of our freedoms, liberties, property, our “individualism” and establishing a “central authority” of established elites to set rules and boundaries for each citizen, business and industry.

I suggest you read the writings of Marx and Engels, the Communist Manifesto, Ten Pillars of Communism, Cloward-Piven strategy among a few others and you will clearly see what path the present leadership (so called) in Washington DC are on.

This is the reality we are facing right now.

Roger Baumann



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