We have a duty to defend, protect U.S. Constitution

To the editor:

It is so very unfortunate that so many people have no clue, no understanding of our Constitution, how the Founders labored for months to provide the citizens of the United States with a national government that had “limited” powers and how it brought us to become the most advance and free society the world has ever known. The men that wrote our Constitution would be appalled what has been done to it.

We, as a society, have failed to uphold our moral obligation to future generations to provide them with a nation that is strong, safe and free. We are moving toward being governed by a centralized all powerful and dictatorial regime that more resembles communism. Restrictions, regulations, trillions in spending and unending taxation. All this, and more, unfolding before us since Jan. 20, 2021.

That will be our future and the future of all who follow us if we continue down this path. If people don’t recognize this or choose to be blind to it, then the great American experiment is doomed.

All is not lost, but it will require the citizenry getting involved. We cannot just say “someone should do something”. We cannot rely on elected political types to fix or make it better.

We, the every day citizen must get involved, get active and become part of the effort to make this country what it was intended to be under our Constitution. We, the people, the citizens of this great country have the “duty” to preserve, defend and protect our Constitution to insure we pass on a nation that is free, honorable and virtuous to future generations.

Roger Baumann



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