Vaccine experience restores some faith

To the editor:

I recently received my second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine at one of the mass vaccination clinics at the Avera Medical Group Marshall’s Carlson Street location. Everyone who planned and worked at those events deserves a big thank you. Both clinics I attended were well-planned and staffed by helpful, friendly people who directed me where to go every step of the way. During my second visit, between the moment I walked in the door and the moment I walked out, I was helped by ten people. Yet, I was still in and out in about twenty minutes. My first visit was similar.

At a time when we as a society seem ill-equipped or simply unwilling to address many of the difficult challenges facing us, seeing the way the mass vaccination clinic was handled locally restored a bit of my faith in humanity. I thank the staff of the Avera Medical Group Marshall for their fine work as we progress towards a post-pandemic world.

Brett Gaul



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