Stop the Equality Act

To the editor:

Years ago, at least 30 plus years ago, the Equal Rights Amendment was being promoted. It was defeated. But the same effort is now being pushed by Congress called the Equality Act. If passed into law, the true result of this bill would be the federal government promoting anti-biblical standards about sexuality.

These promoters have shown they’re more than happy to make taxpayers pay for abortions and “gender assignment” against their will — order doctors and nurses to participate against their conscience, require female athletes to compete against males who identify as transgenders and force women to share restrooms and locker room showers with males who identify as “transgenders.” Think of the lawsuits that will generate as people try to hang on to their just rights of freedom.

They see the Equality Act as their chance to put all that and more into federal law and transform our nation permanently. When former President Obama ran for office, he proclaimed that he wanted to fundamentally change America. The Equality Act will do just that. And President Biden is following his lead.

Do you want that? I sure don’t. I like the America we had when we all followed the laws which support the Constitution of the United States.

I challenge you to make a fuss and call and write to your legislators — senators and representatives to stop the Equality Act. Do it today.

Alice M. Thull



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