Scouting Adventures during Covid-19

To the editor:

Did you know February is when scouting celebrates its birthday?

It all started when American businessman William Boyce lost his way in the fog and a young boy helped him to his destination in Great Britain in 1909. He wanted to pay the boy for his good deeds and the boy said no, Scouts do not accept money for doing a good turn. He learned more about what the boys were doing and thought the boys in America would enjoy this idea. February 8, 1910 is when Boy Scouts of America was established.

We are from Marshall Pack 320 and we encourage families to check us out. We meet at Cornerstone Methodist Church on Monday’s from 6:30-7:30 pm. We thought we would like to share what fun things our pack does as well as thing that help the surrounding Marshall communities.

We participate in the annual Scouting Pinewood Derby. Each of us scouts start from a square block of wood and create our own master pieces to compete against our friends. It’s a blast watching your car zip down the track. We make new friendships along the way. We love going camping where we go hiking, help prepare meals and participate in campfires. We attend day camps and overnight camps where we learn how to shoot a BB Gun, archery, slingshot, crafts, projects and play games.

We helped an Eagle Scout with his project of collecting 1,000,000 Pieces of Trash. In August we picked up trash around SMSU by the nature trail and football field. We picked up over 700 items and 19 pounds of trash. Some of us even found money, go figure that someone did not need that this year.

At the end of October/first part of November we participated in Scouting for Food. This was different this year too as we only hung the door hangers and did not go back to collect food like we normally would do. The Sioux Council felt that was the safest way to do it this year. We found out Marshall area residents are very generous. The Food Shelf donations raised $4,500. We cannot thank you enough for supporting our organization.

With Covid-19, we had to do things a little different in stead of meeting in-person at the church our meeting were done through zoom. Our annual lock-in at the church, we had to do it virtually and played bingo, made bird houses with our families and showed what we helped make for each meal and snack.

Some other fun things we do is the Blue and Gold Banquet. We celebrate our successes, making themed cakes and play games. We also like shooting off water bottle rocks, competing in Rain Gutter Regatta, passing out candy for Trunk or Treat, learning safe cooking skills for indoors and outdoors, learning about cyber security and how to spot a cyber bully and what to do if that does happen.

We also plan field trips as a pack, one of the favorite trips is going to Sea Life at the Mall of America and sleeping over the fish and the sharks.

In closing, we would like to thank the community for supporting us when we sell popcorn, meat sticks and other projects.

Nicholas, Micha, Jacob, Brooks, Abel, Keston, Paul, Jay, Josh and Max



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