Making sure freedom of religion, freedom of speech upheld in schools

To the editor:

Regarding the Public Forum article, “Equality, it’s a good thing” (March 12), this statement is valid: “You treat all human beings with the same respect as you would have them treat you.”

Then there is this statement, in part: . . .“we are being forced to live under one religion in a country of many beliefs.”

The identity of the “one religion” was not stated but I inferred this was a reference to Christianity. The Biblical fact that Jesus loves everyone is not the same as saying Jesus loves everything everyone does. The same God “who so loved the world . . .” also gave us rules for living that He wants those who love Him to obey.

One of these is that His creation of man and woman live together as husband and wife, “keeping the marriage bed pure” and that homosexual living is a sin.

True, there are those who disagree with Christians who accept God’s Word as truth, but, if respect for all human beings is the purpose of the Equality Act, shouldn’t respect still be shown to those Christians?

Will the Equality Act prevent religious discrimination that is now present in Marshall public schools? Hanging a Christian flag to represent God’s definition for marriage was denied although a LGBTQ+ flag was allowed.

Are students able to say, “I believe in God . . . maker of heaven and earth”?

Or is only the theory of evolution or the Big Bang allowed to be heard in classrooms?

Should all children be required to use a transgender inclusive bathroom?

Or a girl’s locker room be accessible to a transgender boy or vice versa?

Is this respectful?

“Religion is a protected U.S. right”, stated the “Equality, is a good thing” writer.

Actions speak louder than words, is a familiar saying. Who is going to make sure freedom of religion and freedom of speech is truly upheld in our schools?

Trudy Madetzke



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