Equality, it’s a good thing

To the editor:

Equality is a good thing. Equality is also very simple; you treat all human beings with the same respect as you would have them treat you. I consider that polite, non-judgmental, basic goodness, which makes working with the public a tolerable aspect of our lives. Thank goodness, because many people earn a living working with customers in public.

Unfortunately, many people believe their chosen religion gives them the right to be disrespectful to others. They have already taken their religious views and insert them into our government as law, meaning we are being forced to live under one religion in a country of many beliefs.

I wondered if this was constitutional. So I looked it up, and this(below) is what I found.

“Freedom of Religion is protected by the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, which prohibits laws establishing a national religion or impeding religion’s free exercise for its citizens. While the First Amendment enforces the “separation of church and state,” it doesn’t exclude religion from public life.”

“Religion was mentioned only once in the U.S. Constitution. The Constitution prohibits the use of religious tests as a qualification for public office. This broke with European tradition and allowed people of any faith (or no faith) to serve in public office in the United States.”

There should not be a conflict when religion and Equality meet. Religion is all-encompassing and inclusive, and Jesus taught us to love the leopards and sinners the same.

Christian Nationalism is abusing our government and has pitted us against each other with misinformation. Suppose every elected Government official left their religion outside the Government’s doors. That alone would help remove the prejudice vs Equality in congress. Religion is a protected U.S. right, and no one can be denied their right to worship as they please.

The Constitution states, “separation of Church and State.” There is an excellent reason for that and it would have prevented the ugly that is happening right now.

Just as The Equality Act can prevent religious discriminating based on sexual preference and gender. Remember, it will prevent businesses from refusing to serve a person wearing a MAGA hat because they believe it goes against their moral and ethical standards.

Here is the web address to the Equality ACT.


Lisa Haney



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