Consider staying away from painkillers around time of vaccinations

To the editor:

I would like to share some information I’ve read about how to insure we get the best immunity possible from our COVID-19 shots.

The AARP bulletin, Jan.-Feb. 2021 issue there was a study mentioned by Dr. Paul Offit, professor of vaccinology at the University of Pennsylvania. He recommends we avoid painkillers around the time of our vaccinations as they may reduce the immune response and our body producing optimal antibodies. Also, Dr. Offit was mentioned in an article in the New York Times. In that article, another expert said he agrees, and recommends waiting until after six hours from getting the vaccine to take a painkiller.

I spoke with a pharmacist who said this effect is probably only minimal if at all. However, a doctor said he thought this would be good information for people to receive and they could make up their own minds about what to do.

I firmly believe even it it’s a slight chance to improve our immunity, why not try to avoid these pain relievers for a day? If nothing else, our bodies will thank us for the break from pain relievers that are hard on kidneys, stomach and liver.

Sue Swanson



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