Common sense lost in House

To the editor:

In the March 4 Independent public forum, Alice Thull brought up the Equality Act that has been passed by the US House. Just a brief look at it will tell you it needs to be sent back for some serious revisions.

One of the most glaring features is the proposed right of biological males to participate in womens’ sports and entry to womens’ restrooms and locker rooms. Do any of you have daughters or granddaughters who are in high school or college sports?

The US House seems to be on a roll with other ridiculous legislation, most notably the COVID Relief Bill and HR1 which proposes massive changes to the way we vote. The COVID relief bill is packed with so much spending not related to COVID that a person with the slightest amount of common would toss it in the closest dumpster. ( The bill is so massive that it would not fit in the average trash bin).

HR1 would totally change the way voting has been done. Do yourself a favor to see the insane proposals that allows anyone with a pulse the right to vote. Voter ID and other measures that verify citizenship are to be eliminated. Guess which party has proposed this?

Contact your US senators — Klobuchar and Smith — to let them know the citizens in Fly Over Land or as Walz calls this: Land of rocks and cows do not support these bills.

Dan Markell



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