This is freedom of fiction

To the editor:

Should the US congressional members who voted to overthrow our government on Jan. 6 still be allowed to stay to vote as lawmakers for the very same government they verbally attempted to end?

Isn’t that like attempting to rob your employer but getting caught and then expecting to keep your job?

Imagine, people believing their leader is here on earth to protect them from a cabal of Satan-worshiping pedophiles (consisting mostly of Hollywood celebrities, radical politicians, and “deep state” government officials)?

They believe these same people have secret bunkers with child sex-trafficking rings. They also believe that their leader is the Messiah, and their leader is the only one who can bring “The Storm” that will clean up the pedophile sex rings and save Christianity from the Deep State — QAnon.

What would you think?

Do you really think this is happening right here, right now in America?

How do you feel about seating some people in Congress when their reality is living in this Twilight zone? They believe the religious fantasies from QAnon, believe predictions from conspiracy theorists and believe that Jewish alien space ships with laser beams have started the wildfires?

Which is all entirely unrealistic nonsense. I would request a mental health exam.

I believe their decision-making has been compromised?

Is this freedom of speech, or is this freedom of fiction, like Star Wars or Frozen?

Lisa Haney



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