Learn lessons from Mother Nature

To the editor:

A short time ago a press release from the Governor appeared as such:

“Governor Tim Walz and Lieutenant Governor Peggy Flanagan recently announced a set of policy proposals that will lead Minnesota to 100% clean energy in the state’s electricity sector by 2040.”

This week Texas is suffering from historic cold and ice storms. They get up to 25% of their power from windmills in West Texas. Unfortunately due to ice and no wind, millions of Texans are in the dark in unheated homes.

Green Energy may be the wave of the future, but until that time when it is 100% reliable, a backup plan needs to be in place.

Hopefully the lesson being learned by the Texans with have some resonance with the leadership in Minnesota. Mother Nature is not always in tune with the likes of John Kerry and AOC.

Dan Markell

Marshall, MN


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