Family values important too

To the editor:

Anxiety and depression levels have increased during this time of covid, and teenagers who are also experiencing puberty changes, seem to be especially dealing with mental health issues according to a recent news report.

I decided to look up “Puberty” in my World Book Encyclopedias and was referred to the word, “Sex”.

Here are several excerpts:

“As teen-agers mature emotionally, sexually and socially, they seek closer, more personal relationships with members of the opposite sex.

“Few teens are ready for the responsibilities of marriage or parenthood.”

“Sexual relationships outside of marriage can result in feelings of guilt and psychological problems for the persons involved. They can also result in the birth of an unwanted child.”

Published in 1974, these statements closely align with the wisdom and security of God’s marriage plans. Today the definition of marriage has

been changed, and living together before marriage is considered beneficial. A promise of commitment supports commitment. The greatest tragedy is the number of children who have not even been allowed to be born because they were so unwanted their beating hearts were stopped.

The World Book article also referred to babies being male or female. Today children may hear at home and in school that they can choose what gender they want to be. Not knowing who you really are can cause anxiety especially as children are becoming teen-agers. Regardless of gender preferences now, students need to feel that their family’s moral values are valued, too.

Trudy Madetzke



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