Adopt Minnesota Clean Car Standards

It is time for our state to adopt the Minnesota Clean Cars Standards! Like 14 other states that have already adopted the updated emissions standards we can be a leader in environmental stewardship. We can step up from the lax federal standards to the more responsible Clean Cars Initiative.

The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency has proposed the adoption of the Standards under the rule-making authority granted to it by the legislature. An administrative law judge is currently holding hearings to gather public input. Everyone is invited to take part in that process.

Folks who do not understand the effects of climate change use misinformation and scare tactics to undermine support for the Standards. The Standards do not require auto dealers to sell electric vehicles. Instead, the focus is on mandates and incentives for auto manufacturers, many of whom are already on board. For example, GM has made a public commitment to go all-electric for new sales by 2035.

No part of the proposed rule applies to large construction or farm equipment. There is no emissions test mandated for vehicles currently in use. The rule really comes down to offering more options. Those who want to purchase an electric vehicle will find it easier to do that. Other consumers will still have the choice to purchase and utilize gas-guzzlers, if they wish to do so!

Minnesotans enjoy the outdoors. We embrace the opportunity to take responsibility for the care and preservation of our lovely piece of the natural world. By reducing air pollution Clean Cars Minnesota will help us do just that. Our kids and grandkids are counting on us.

Base your opinion on facts. Read the rule for yourself. It is available for perusal on the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency website (www.pca.state.mn.us/air/clean-cars-mn-about).

Deb Maki



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