True spirit of left on display

To the editor:

Biden is off to a roaring good start in his quest for unity. So far he has pretty much alienated the 75 million or more who voted for Trump, killed thousands of high paying jobs by stopping the Keystone Pipeline which will result in higher home heating costs and made our southern border less safe.

Perhaps his basement bunker was not equipped to hear real news: US no longer importing oil? We are now energy independent. If you want to make the Green New Dealers happy, keep doing research until a cost effective, viable source.

Biden was too busy making life more difficult for US citizens to notice that thousands of the troops needed to protect him from his adoring fans that these very same men and women were housed in parking garages. Brilliant move by him and the DC mayor who shut down the hotels in the area. These events and actions show the true spirit of the left.

Dan Markell



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