Suggestion that Democrats are the ones that should work on unity is stunning

To the editor:

I was stunned by the unbelievable suggestion that the Democrats should work on “Unity” in Mr. Markell’s letter on Jan. 25 — “Unity, right now? “

Why? The Democrats didn’t cause this divide? They did not have anything to do with the insurrection at the Capitol on Jan. 6. They had nothing to do with alienating the Republicans. That all came straight from the Republicans, Trump, and suggestive conservative voices.

Trump invited the radical mob to DC. ( He knew there was no fraud, and he knew (Vice President Mike) Pence wasn’t going to be able to stop the count. He lied and enticed them to come. The idea that anyone but the Republicans should apologize for that terrorist attack is bordering on lunacy.

I know very little about the (Keystone XL) Pipeline. Possibly the need vs. the environment was compared, and I’m guessing there wasn’t a need. The Brakken Oil mines in North Dakota have shut down. The demand for gas is down. We are in a pandemic and people aren’t traveling like normal. But, when the infrastructure bill passes, there will be many good jobs. That would be wonderful — wouldn’t it?

Your fears of the safety of the border are unfounded.

The Guards are at the Capitol to prevent the radical right from returning to harm those they couldn’t find on Jan.6. Besides, the capital police are in control of the Guards there, not Biden. The Capitol Police have some explaining to do.

You insinuated the mainstream news wasn’t real. Yet, you seem to know very little about what’s actually happening?

I was not aware the mayor had closed down all hotels in the DC area. You can’t blame them for doing that. Not after the Trump supporters came to town two weeks before. They had bombs and guns of all types. After watching the violent riots and killings at the Capitol, I’m guessing the closings had everything to do with that.

You ended your letter with a slam to Democrats. Please, rethink your accusation. I’m sure the real spirits were all coming from the Right.

Lisa Haney



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