Missing facts in Trump impeachment article

To the editor:

Talk about screaming headlines. Does your paper have the discretion to print some facts?

Here are a couple of points about the President “standing alone.” How about printing the tremendous support he has and the suspicion of millions of voters — GOP and Democrat alike — that the election was filled with various forms of fraud?

Apparently the mainstream media is conveniently leaving out the part of Donald J. Trump’s speech where he says to march to the capitol peacefully. Otherwise it would not have the dramatic impact they were hoping for.

How about the revelation from the FBI and NYPD they each had ahead of time that violence was being planned and not a spontaneous mob that got out of hand?

Finally, little or NO mention of the Democrats — Harris, Waters and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and others — who supported violence during the rioting. Burning and looting that went on in Democrat run cities all summer.

Dan Markell



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