Disrespect for Trump astounding

To the editor:

After years of bemoaning the disrespect of President Trump, it seems like many Republicans are now happily dumping him. For example, on Dec. 1, Arizona’s Republican governor, Doug Ducey, got a call from President Trump while he was certifying his state’s election results. Instead of answering the call, Ducey pulled the phone out of his pocket, silenced it, and went on signing the papers. The disrespect was astounding.

In Minnesota, out newly elected U.S. Rep Michelle Fischbach is extremely vocal about her support of President Trump. But on a more local level, it is clear that the Republican establishment is trying to hedge their bets. State Sen. Gary Dahms is careful to never publicly endorse President Trump. Likewise, State Rep. Swedzinski is obviously pro-Trump, although he is careful to place distance between himself and the President. In September, he said that voting for Trump would be “voting for somebody who has left this country in a better position in what he found it.” (9/10/20, Marshall Independent) Other than that, Swedzinski has been silent on the matter of the President.

It is clear the Republican Party is trying to sweep away the President and move on. That is a massive insult to all the die-hard Trump supporters and to the President himself.

The time has come for supporters of President Trump to step forward and start their own political party. The Minnesota Secretary of State website has instructions on how to go about starting a new political party and folks should start looking into it. If they don’t, they are going to find the Republican Party in Minnesota is going to be like Gov.Ducey in Arizona: thanking them for their votes, stabbing them in the back, and refusing to hear their calls.

Colton Jensen



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