Disagree with Fischbach’s vote? Tell her

To the editor:

The images from Washington DC on Wednesday, Jan. 6 are deeply disturbing and continue to send shock waves not just throughout the country, but around the world.

It is widely believed by many, including Republican leadership, that a key tenant of this insurrection was the plan of some Representatives and Senators to vote against accepting the Electoral College votes that certify Joe Biden as the next President –even though that offered no chance of changing the election’s outcome.

Michelle Fischbach voted against accepting the Electoral College results. She does not represent AZ, PA, GA, or any other state. She represents southwest MN. Her votes should represent the perspectives of all his constituents, not just the ones who voted for her. If you disagree with her vote, tell her.

She can be contacted at Michelle Fischbach, 1237 Longworth House Office Building, Washington, DC 20515. The phone number is 202-225-2165.

Democracy works because everyone has a voice; but those voices need to be heard. Use yours. This is about country; not party.

MicheLe Larson



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