Too many giving up freedoms

To the editor:

Is there a reasonable, common sense, legitimate and justifiable explanation as to why the Minnesota House Democrats continue to allow a single authority to delegitimize the legislative process in dealing with this, so called, epidemic that has more than a 98% survival rate? The continuation of these votes in the upper house and lower house opposing each other gets us no where.

If this is truly the crisis that it is claimed to be and we are now being told that we are in for a “dark winter”, what the hell have they done for the past 10 months? Shouldn’t we be showing some positive progress by now? Seems the governor and most of the other upper crust of the Democrat Party is the cause of the “dark winter” they speak of.

More over, how many freedoms have we given up in the last 10 months? Our social lives have been completely turned upside down. Movie theaters, bars and restaurants, salons, barber shops, churches, gyms, indoor gun ranges, family holiday gatherings, weddings, funerals, masks, social distancing and on and on, are closed, regulated, restricted and/or criminalized. Also need to include schools and sports activities. All this within 10 months.

The saddest thing about all of this is too many people gave up their freedoms willingly. Not a whimper. It will only be for a couple weeks to “flatten the curve”. Remember? Yet, here we are 10 months later.

We used to be a people that were given the responsibility as citizens to maintain a government “of the people”. Sadly, not all, but to many people neglected that responsibility and now we have become “subjects” of an overreaching, all powerful government that controls nearly every aspect of our lives.

If you are looking to point a finger at or blame someone, look in a mirror. It is those of you that voted for these Democrats that are now sitting in the seats of power in government who is responsible for all of what we are now experiencing.

Roger Baumann



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