Stand up against Walz

To the editor:

It is very disappointing to hear that Southwest Health and Human Services (SWHHS) is targeting a local business who refuses to shut down because of Governor Walz’s unconstitutional executive decrees. The owner of Havens Garden in Lynd, Larvita McFarquhar, has been threatened to be arrested, fined and jailed for wanting to keep her business open. How can this legitimate small business owner and single mom be put through this harassment? This isn’t some major airline, or car manufacturer asking for millions to bail them out of their own bad financial decisions. This is a mother of four asking for her small restaurant to be allowed to operate so she can pay the rent. The most disappointing part is that Senator Gary Dahms is standing by and doing nothing.

The man we elected to represent us, to take our needs to St. Paul and advocate on our behalf is doing nothing to protect one of his very own constituents.

Senator Dahms, shame on you. We trusted you and now you have betrayed our trust. We asked that you give the folks of our community a voice and what did we get for it? Nothing but threats from our government at multiply levels.

Senator Dahms I call on you to take a stand for our community. Tell Walz that enough is enough and show him he can’t threated one of our own for simply wanting to take care of their children.

To the people of Senate District 16 remember this moment in two years. Did we elect a bulldog to fight for us or did we get a lap dog concerned more about his own reputation than the people he was elected to represent?

Senator Dahms the spotlight is on you. We need you to get the Senate to pass the End Walz Emergency Powers Resolution immediately and stand in the gap for Larvita!

Tammy Houle

Redwood Falls

Editor’s Note: SWHHS reinstated Haven’s Garden’s food service license on Dec. 9


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