Do the Patriotic Thing

To the editor:

We’re setting grim new records regarding the Coronavirus epidemic every single day. A daily death toll quickly exceeding the loss of life we saw on September 11, 2001. Scientists and researchers are still learning disturbing, long-lasting effects this virus can lead to. Many experience chronic fatigue and shortness of breath for months after recovering. More alarmingly, young people are experiencing strokes, permanent lung damage and even losing permanent teeth from complications of COVID-19. We still don’t know many of the long-term effects this disease can cause.

Our healthcare workers are seeing death everyday on a scale that crushes their soul. The healthcare system itself is bending so far from the strain that it’s perilously close to breaking. We all know that this will not last forever, so why not take all the precautions we can to protect our neighbors and loved ones?

Is it not patriotic to do everything you can to protect your community and your country? So please, take all the precautions you can. Please wear a mask, socially distance, don’t gather in large groups while indoors, practice good hygiene and support local restaurants by buying gift cards or getting take-out, and encourage others to do so as well. We’re all in this together, so please do the patriotic thing for our community and our country.

Anthony Studemann



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