Why Collin Peterson deserves to be re-elected

To the editor:

While voting for representatives to Congress often involves several considerations, all farmers and agribusiness related voters need to give serious thought to supporting Collin Peterson. Regardless of the Democrat label he carries, Republicans have plenty of reasons to give him overwhelming support. He has been legendary independent his whole career. He has never tried to attach himself to any party dogma or Presidential candidate, and has always puts the interest of his ag district first.

Seniority matters. As ranking member of the House Ag Committee, he has enormous influence on all ag legislation and more importantly he plays a pivotal role in negotiations with the Senate and White House on final drafts of bills. He has earned the respect of House members and others on Capitol Hill with his respectful conduct and willingness to listen.

If he were not re-elected, the chairmanship of the committee would probably pass to a Democrat from Georgia or one from California. The ranking Republican is from Texas. Do we really want to replace him with Michelle Fischbach, who would not even be guaranteed a position on the ag committee? Even if she could secure a seat on the committee, she would be one of 49 members and at the bottom of the seniority list. It would take her many years to work her way up to any type of leadership position. Where does that leave all Midwest farmers and their concerns? Where does it leave those of us in Congressional District 7? Look how ineffective Republican Senators from the Midwest have been in protecting ethanol from Trump’s waivers. Collin Peterson does not cower in fear from anyone. He is a well-respected voice for all midwestern farmers.

Many farmers support Trump because they feel over-regulated and that he will continue to cut regulations and make us all rich. If Trump loses and so does Collin Peterson, who will be the common- sense voice sitting at the negotiation table representing us? Think this over Republican/Trump farmers. Collin Peterson is not a rigid idealogue walking in lock step with Nancy Pelosi or anyone else.

Arlen Knott

Walnut Grove


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