Time to vote in Democrats

To the editor:

So, I am now mostly retired from my job as child psychiatrist for Woodland Centers Mental Health Center. It has been a joy and privilege to care for kids and families out here where I grew up — Cerro Gordo township, Lac Qui Parle County, West Central, Minnesota.

This privilege was made possible by more generous politics of the 50s and 60s. With financial aid I was able to pay my own way through Augsburg College and U of M Medical School (where tuition was $300 per semester). West Central Minnesota would not have had 18 years of child psychiatric services without that state and federal support for education and health, physical and mental.

I was raised Republican, played many a piano solo for Farm Bureau meetings. I still fully support the Republican party platform of 1956, which periodically floats by on Facebook.

But people, at this point in history, it is time to vote in the Democrats.

Our 16A Minnesota House Representative, Chris Swedzinski, (R) voted no on the bonding bill. He voted no to highway construction jobs, support for schools and SMSU public safety (and) insulin price controls.

Vote for Doria Drost (D) for Minnesota House District 16A for the good of the common man.

Dorothy Anderson



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