Pro-life is not just pro-birth

To the editor:

As a person who cares deeply about my Catholic faith, I have studied carefully several pieces from the United States Council of Catholic Bishops including the Challenge of Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship. The Catholic Bishops are clear; they do not tell people how to vote, but clearly state that the responsibility to make political choices rest with each person and their properly formed conscience.

The protection of human life from conception to natural death is a key value I have always had. In deciding who to vote for, I believe that being pro-life means more than a candidate’s position supporting human life before birth but also their support for human life after birth. Pope Francis, in his Apostolic Exhortation “Gaudete et Exsultate no. 101”, asserts similar support to that being an equal value.

In the test of supporting life after birth, Joe Biden stands in sharp contrast to President Trump who demonizes immigrants, fans the flame of race and division, refuses to denounce racist groups or actions, and seeks to divide the country by overt appeals to racial fears. Joe Biden condemns racism, seeks national healing, and speaks for voting rights for all. Never in the history of our county and democracy has a president stood before the American people and publicly said that he may not accept the results of an election.

On the issue of coronavirus, President Trump has refused to lead, mocking those who wear face masks despite the leading doctors and scientists speaking on the importance of keeping people safe. His lack of leadership on the coronavirus clearly demonstrates his lack of real concern for human life. On the issue of healthcare, President Trump not once offered an alternative to the Affordable Care Act. Healthcare is also about human life.

After reflecting on Catholic principles, I believe I am making the correct informed good conscience decision in voting for Joe Biden.

I also understand that my fellow faithful have their own decisions on voting to make. I must respect and recognize them as people who belong to the same family of God as I do and trust that their conscience will be their guide as well.

Paul Sobocinski



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