Keep Byrnes at steering wheel for steady course

To the editor:

As the mayor of a nearby city here in Southwest Minnesota, I take a great deal of interest in what is happening in other cities in our part of the state. While many cities struggle with a variety of issues, the City of Marshall has enjoyed an unprecedented run of stability and progress during the past several years. Marshall has become a true regional center for our part of the state, We’ve watched as the City of Marshall has handled a wide variety of issues in a calm, steady and fair manner while moving forward and demonstrating a visionary community and regional spirit.

Marshall is very fortunate to have leadership that keeps a firm hand on the wheel while steering a steady and sure course. That’s why I encourage voters in Marshall to support and re-elect Bob Byrnes as the mayor of your wonderful city.

Mayor Byrnes didn’t ask me to write this letter but, having known him while serving as mayors in our communities for many years, I feel compelled to speak out on his behalf and on behalf of the City of Marshall. I have always been impressed at how well Bob represents Marshall and our entire our region. He is a wonderful example of strong and even-keel leadership and has earned much admiration for Marshall from all corners of Minnesota.

Keep Marshall moving forward and keep Southwest Minnesota’s regional center vibrant and growing. Vote to re-elect Bob Byrnes as Mayor of Marshall.

Dave Smiglewski

Granite falls


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