Drost would be refreshing change

To the editor:

There are many reasons to vote for Doria Drost for the Minnesota House.

Her opponent, Representative Chris Swedzinski provides many of them, such as:

• His no votes on the insulin bill, Covid 19 relief packages, the bonding bill, and more;

• His lack of support for the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency: “I think we need to strip power from the MPCA” 13 Dec 2018;

• His silence when hurtful divisive events in Marshall prompted compassionate healing responses from our mayor and our university president, and from his opponent Doria Drost, but nothing from our representative, Chris Swedzinski.

However, the most compelling reason is Doria Drost herself. It is not often to see such a responsive, compassionate, involved and hardworking candidate or office holder. She does her homework, she believes in listening and learning to find solutions, and she believes in transparency.

In marked contrast to Representative Swedzinski’s sparse Issues page, evidence can be found on her campaign website . The priority page lists 17 specific priorities with about 50 additional specific issues addressed in the slide show at the bottom.

It would be a refreshing change for House District 16A to be represented by Doria Drost. She has earned my respect and my vote.

Kathryn Jones

Marshall, Minnesota


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