Democrats support pro life positions

To the editor:

Look around you. Four in 10 people/families in rural Minnesota are Democrats. They have and love babies. They are proud parents and doting grandparents. Democrats support women, infant and children’s programs because they know healthy mothers have a better chance of having health babies. Democrats support preschool programs because they want every child to be ready for school. Democrats support programs to enable every child with the ability to be reading at grade level by grade three because the ability to read affects the chance of educational success. Democrats support age appropriate sex education because they want students to graduate high school before procreating. Democrats support affordable post secondary education because an educated workforce is a boost to the economy and society. Democrats support high speed rural broadband because it is essential for our children’s education and to attract and promote business. Democrats support affordable housing and living wage jobs. Democrats support affordable and accessible health care. Democrats support Social Security and Medicare. These are all pro life positions.

Calling Democrats pro abortion because the party platform supports a woman’s right to make her own reproductive choices is like calling Catholics pro pedophile because they support a church who’s hierarchy has for centuries protected abusive pedophile priests. Neither is true.

No one is pro abortion but we are all our brother’s keeper.

Al Kruse



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