Democratic Party Supports Abortion

To the editor:

In response to Al Kruse’s article, widespread sex abuse within the Catholic Church happened because it failed to uphold its standards.

Increased abortion is a standard and goal of the Democratic party. See page 32 of the Democratic National Party platform – among their goals are repealing the Hyde amendment (using taxpayer money to procure abortions). Not listed is any restriction to abortion such as preventing sex-selective abortion or limiting third trimester abortions. Nor is there any mention of abortion being regrettable, undesirable, or an unfortunate occurrence.

The Democratic Party may have some aims which are pro-life, but they unequivocally support killing the unborn at any time within a pregnancy with financial support from all taxpayers. Regardless of other stated goals, a party with this aim cannot be construed as pro-life.

Lori Timmerman



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