Byrnes a champion for Marshall

To the editor:

I write in support of re-electing Bob Byrnes as mayor of Marshall. While we no longer live or vote in Marshall, I have memories of working with Bob on the city council from 1990-1992 and with him as mayor from 1992-2000. My husband Dan served on the city council 2000-2004.

During the flood of 1993 and the following flood control project, Bob was a champion for Marshall and is to this day. His local and regional leadership helped bring about airport expansion and broadband development ahead of other cities and rural areas. The new fire department equipment, expansion of the MERIT center for local and regional training opportunities, new Marshall Lyon County Library, housing developments, Highway 23 improvements, and Camden Trail and trails all speak highly of leadership and teamwork. The wastewater treatment plant infrastructure and equipment upgrades will benefit users as well as the quality of the Redwood River. The long awaited city hall renovations and new look of the former space of the former hotel building are great assets for downtown.

Mayor Bob Byrnes has shown his leadership skills. He is an intuitive and practiced problem solver. Bob sees problems as opportunities, gets teams together and they create another solution for Marshall. The time is now. Re-elect Bob Byrnes.

Maureen Stores


(formerly of Marshall)


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