Regional EDA will allow SW MN to survive

To the editor:

I applaud all the elected and appointed persons who actively participated in the recent city and county EDA discussion. This is very important but should include many cities and counties. A regional organization is the only way that we in southwest Minnesota are going to be able to compete, attract and survive.

Some elected and appointed persons have the tendency to work at maintaining status quo as their main job. This is so wrong. Their No. 1 job is planning for the future.

Change is always happening and the last few years and now the pandemic are causing a lot of change. We are living in a dream. With unemployment at all-time highs, the pandemic and how many promises that when the pandemic is over, if it ever happens, everything will go back to normal or something like it, and we will be OK. Don’t bet on it.

It is up to the elected and appointed persons to recognize this and plan for change. We hope they are up to the task.

Art Olson



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