Freedom, liberty, property at risk this election

To the editor:

We have lost an entire summer due to the lack of leadership starting with the city council of Minneapolis, the mayor and especially the governor. Was it worth it? Is anyone “grateful” for what has been done? Is our society better off now that we have gone through this experience of shuttering small businesses, nearly destroying our economy, minimizing interaction with family and friends, watching the disintegration, destruction and violence on TV night after night?

I believe that there has been more destruction to our society, our state and our nation brought about by the actions taken and actions not taken by these elected politicians than anyone else.

Who put them there? Citizens that did not bother to vote put them there. Those of you who think your vote doesn’t matter. Those who complain about everything that the government is doing, but don’t get involved in the political process. Those of you who do not understand the Constitution and realize that it is ‘We, the people’ that own this country. Call it “apathy” or “laziness”, but that is what has brought us to this point. Call it whatever you want to, but realize that our freedom, liberty and property are at risk every time you cast your vote for someone regardless of party affiliation.

It is very disturbing to know how many citizens there are that are not even registered to vote. The average participation rate of the people that cast a ballot on election day is barely over the 60% mark in most cases. It should be 100%. It is the percentage of those who don’t bother to vote or participate in the process, for whatever reason, that are the most responsible for the state of things today. Local elections for councils, mayors, commissioners, judges, state legislators and senators have huge impacts on our lives and yet, how well do we know them or even know who they are and what they do for us or to us?

There are only two more months before we will change the course of our history. Two months to decide if we keep our state and country on a course of freedom and liberty or on a downward trend to total darkness and destruction. Provide an ID, register and cast your vote on Nov. 3 at your polling place to ensure that your vote is counted.

The choice is your.

Roger Baumann



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