Democrats want to take the game ball home

To the editor:

In the fullness of time, political views swing back and forth in public debate. Like a clock pendulum shifting between left to right, but in irregular periods. They tend to be a response to one side going too far or having power too long.

Right now the Republicans are in control at the national level. Trump has appointed so far two supreme court justices. This is not uncommon for a president to appoint between two or three during their term. In the past, (1937-1943) president Franklin Roosevelt appointed eight Supreme Court Justices. Of these Justices, the longest servicing lasted until 1975.

In the context, the Republicans of the time did not riot. They choose to play the game of our rules of the political system. Since 1945 seven of the presidents have been Republicans, while six have been Democrats. During the period post-Roosevelt, the Republicans appointed 16 justices. While the same time, Democrats appointed 11.

I would argue the current situation is a response to past Democratic domination of the court. Wait long enough it will swing back. It took 75 years for the court to flip. Now that the shoe is on the other foot, Twitter is yelling burn it down and Pelosi says she will impeach the president.

My response to this is the Democrats are acting like spoiled little children and want to take the game ball home instead of playing the game.

Paul Vanmeveren



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