State rep takes fossil fuel money

To the editor:

This past week, Minnesota political candidates had to publicize their first bit of fundraising. I took a look and found Rep. Swedzinski had taken money from a Petroleum lobbying firm. Meanwhile, his opponent in the upcoming election, Doria Drost, earned the endorsement from the Boundary Waters Action Group because she supports protecting the Wilderness from the threat of sulfide-ore copper mining.

Who do you think will actually work toward a sustainable future for our land and environment?

Swedzinski takes money from Petroleum lobbyists (even though he is on the Energy and Climate Finance and Policy Committee).

Drost rejects any campaign contributions from fossil fuel interests.

Both their names will be on the ballot this fall for our State Representative. The choice is clear. Vote for the candidate who refuses to be bribed by lobbyists. Vote for Doria Drost.

Ben Walker



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