Drost for voting privacy

To the editor:

There was a lot of concern around privacy when Minnesota switched away from caucuses to primaries. One of the biggest concerns was who gets access to that voting data.

I would prefer my voting history to be private, as I assume most people would. However, (Rep.) Chris Swedzinski (R-Ghent) opposed a bill which would allow voters to request their data from the presidential primary be excluded from being shared with any political party. There are many reasons why that kind of information should not be shared, but the idea of one’s vote being a private decision is at the heart of our democracy.

After talking with House candidate Doria Drost about this, I came away with the feeling she would work to make sure voting records stay private. Between the polarizing climate and leaks of this kind of information happening way too often, I appreciate representatives who respect the confidentiality of the ballot.

Voting is everyone’s constitutional right and my choice should be between me and whomever I choose to share that information with.

That (and many other reasons) is why Doria Drost has earned my vote this November.

Russ Berreth



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