Comparing 1942 with today’s events

To the editor:

In regards to the commentary on 1942 (George Will, July 27), I found it interesting that it was compared to the events of today.

As a native of the West I was living and working in Portland at the time of the bombing on Pearl Harbor. Other than the three weeks when the city was “blacked out” and no one was allowed after 7 o’clock, lights went on as usual. Perhaps because we grew up during the depression and were used to hard times and doing without, people took it in stride and continued on as usual.

I don’t recall any of this anguish, anger and fear I see today. We had a president who “kept his cool” and did what was necessary. He was capable and experienced. We trusted him.

I can understand some of today’s problems. Being confined (sheltered) and loss of jobs is frightening people. We didn’t lose our jobs and were able to go wherever and whenever we wanted.

I hope things ease up soon

Lora Johnson



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