Attracting businesses from Minneapolis

To the editor:

Have American cities entered the Detroit trap?

Where in pursuing Democratic policies the tax rate for those cities becomes too high leading to the affluent class leaving the cities destroying the tax base the city needs. It seems our large cities have found another way to accomplish this. The riots have led many to fear for their safety in large cities. This includes businesses that been destroyed.

Given a choice to rebuild at their old location or move out of the area which would you do?

The result will be cities imploding under their own weight. This will be enforced by the rising crime rate because of their disbanding of the police. This is not good news for the twin cities but it may offer a chance for lesser populated cities to grow without the baggage of large cities.

I propose cities like Marshall target business from Minneapolis to an ad campaign to attract showing the benefits of this area. Cheaper land, labor lower taxes, and far less crime.

Paul Vanmeveren



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