Time for Swedzinski to leave

To the editor:

I have always voted for who I felt would do the best job for the political office they were running for whether it be Democrats, Republicans, Independents or Libertarians.

When I moved to Marshall I always voted for Marty Seifert, who I consider a friend. He always made time to answer any questions/ issues I had and even helped to draft a bill that unfortunately never went past committee. Come 2010, I also did vote for our current representative, Chris Swedzenski.

However after 10 years in office, I believe it is time for a change and I am endorsing his opponent, Doria Dorst. Notwithstanding my disappointment of many of his recent votes against COVID-19 relief packages and public education, I’m disappointed in his lack of communication to his constituents.

As of now, Doria has responded back to more of my emails, questions and concerns in the last four weeks than our current rep has in the last four years.

I don’t ask a lot from my representatives. And I am certainly never going to agree with them on every issue nor every vote. But I would think even taking 10 seconds to respond, acknowledging that you received my email (or on the second or third reminder) isn’t too much to ask. Sadly, I have spoken to several others who have gotten the same lack of response from our current representative.

On Nov. 3, I encourage all residents of district 16A to vote for Doria Dorst and bring a fresh voice to the capital. Myself and many others feel it is #timeforSwedetoLEAVE!

John Rickgarn



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