Slow down when approaching workers

To the editor:

There is a group of workers considered “essential” since COVID-19 struck that are not very often discussed, and perhaps they are even overlooked. Those are the men (and women) that make sure that the things we often take for granted everyday like electrical power and running water continue to flow uninterrupted to our homes and businesses.

Sometimes lines need replacing or repair. Sometimes new lines are being installed. Whatever the task, very often their job duties require work on roadsides and in ditches. Sometimes they are marked with cones and flags, but almost never will you see someone holding a sign that says “SLOW”.

Please consider that anytime you see a fluorescent yellow or orange shirt on a person along the edge of a road or in a ditch or up a pole likely partially hidden by a work vehicle, that that individual is someone’s son or daughter, someone’s spouse or significant other. Please slow down and exercise caution when approaching and passing these workers.

It is difficult for them to do their best work when they constantly have to be on the lookout for oncoming traffic that seldom slows for them. You have time. Slow down. They will appreciate it very much and so will their loved ones.

Erin Gleis



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