It is theft, but oh, so much more than theft

To the editor:

On July 14 in Cottonwood, sometime during the night two political signs were removed from our yard. One was the Statue of Liberty with a rainbow background and the word “RESIST.” The other said, “Defending Democracy, Vote Democrat.” They cost about $60.

Those signs represent my right to express my views. It is against the law to remove property from someone’s yard. It’s called theft.

I am sure the person that did this thought they were pretty funny by replacing my signs with a Trump 2020 sign. I am sure they would not think it was funny if I replace their sign with mine.

Denying me the right to express my opinions and replacing it with your opinion represents the terrible division that Trump has encouraged in our country. My father is a WWII veteran in his nineties and he always told me he enlisted to insure future generations would continue to enjoy freedom of speech. This thief took that away from me. There is a Trump sign five houses down from me that I would never think of stealing and destroying because my neighbor has the right to express support for their candidate.

When I first put the signs out, my husband asked me if I was worried that someone would vandalize our house. I said I hoped for the right to express my ideals. I am still hoping that.

Since the Trump sign was now in my yard, I painted a big black “X” on it and put it back on my lawn. And I ordered more signs. And a motion detector night camera used for wildlife.

And some of my friends donated money to the Democrat campaign as a show of support for me.

Jeanette Prust



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