Issues Swedzinski should comment on

To the editor:

On July 16th, Rep. Chris Swedzinski wrote a press release about how the Minnesota legislature allowed another month of the governor’s emergency powers. He and his colleagues have ramped up the rhetoric by calling the Governor a “tyrant” and “dictator”, which is not only ridiculous but simply fuels divisive flames among Minnesotans. It seems like Rep. Swedzinski has no room for nuance.

With the inaction from the House and Senate, it’s important during a pandemic that decisions are being made in a timely manner based on expert advice — which the governor has done. It’s obvious from the previous special session and main legislative session that decisions would not have been agreed upon and we’d be stuck in a limbo if left up to the two bodies.

I’m sure the public would love to hear discussion about the issue and not soundbites.

Does Swedzinski have a comment on how:

• the gridlocked legislature would make better and quicker decisions?

• 49 out of 50 states are operating under the same emergency status as Minnesota?

• the Minnesota positivity rate and new cases for COVID-19 has steadily increased over the last week?

• the Minnesota Hospital Association has requested a statewide mask mandate to slow the spread of the coronavirus?

We need representatives who recognize a public health crisis and realize we are all hurting. No one wins from this pandemic. But we can prevent suffering and death by listening to medical experts.

I humbly ask for your vote in November.

Doria Drost



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