Be a good neighbor

To the editor:

Thanks to the merchants in Marshall who have supported the “masks for everyone in inside spaces” move in our community. Thanks to (Gov. Tim) Walz also for the mandate backup. With the positive tested COVID cases having increased over 800% since the end of May in Lyon County it is long overdue that we all wear masks in addition to the other simple health initiatives that can keep cases down and deaths low. Hopefully, as a result, we will make a return to some glimmer of normalcy in our business, social and education lives.

I also specifically thank the police and local store management for recent actions resulting in removing, and designating ‘no trespass’, those store customers with swastikas on their face coverings.

Had the US acted appropriately in January we would not be in the mess we are now. Blaming others for our irresponsible federal actions and inaction is simply the same weak POTUS blather that has been a broken record for the past three years, “the governors did it, China did it, excuse me while I bilk the taxpayers for more golfing excursions, no need for government expediency when we can get some quick dough for our pals, Obama did it, law for thee but not for me, the chocolate cake, more pollution will help…”

The process of Making America Go Away in this presidential MAGA term is in great contrast to what other nations, who all received the same COVID information that we had since December 2019, have done to support their citizens. And now we are the pitied super-infected international pariah. Our health, economy and schools situation would be far better off, something more like what the rest of the world is now able to do in their countries, had the United States had responsible, intelligent leadership instead of greedy money mongers, charlatans, and mobsters at the helm.

Masks are likely here for a longer term that anyone likes because they are one of the easiest tools for effective mitigation of COVID. Wear one and be a good neighbor. Read the science. Support the businesses who support our health.

And vote in 98 days for decency and real leadership for America.

Patricia McLoone



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