School board’s statement on LGBTQ flag in middle school cafeteria was sad news

To the editor:

The Marshall School Board statement regarding the continued presence of the LGBTQ flag in the Middle School cafeteria was unexpected and difficult to digest.

Some may think students and parents who look to God’s Word as their statement for life are not affected by the LGBTQ movement or the declining of Christian values in our society, or that they do not experience a type of bullying.

Please consider the following statements expressed to me by students and parents:

“The first day of high school this year, an English teacher said, in effect,” We are going to read this book. Your parents may not approve of it.” (The book had LGBTQ themes.)

A parent also related how the content of history textbooks has changed. Instead of truthfully telling how the Pilgrims gave thanks to God for his care and giving them aidthrough Squanto, now students are told the Pilgrims came to America to exploit the native peoples.

This last year a sex education program, extending down to pre-K children, promoting LGBTQ values, passed in the Minnesota House of Representatives, but did not make it to the Senate. The Child Protection Agency has the details. How much do we care?

Flags representing a child’s national heritage are inclusive. A flag that contains colors representing lifestyles contrary to God’s Word are not inclusive. The school board statement was sad news among other disturbing sad news.

Trudy Madetzke



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