Minnesota Math Corps needs tutors

To the editor

Did you know that in Minnesota, 40 percent of 8th graders aren’t proficient in math?

As part of Minnesota Math Corps, an AmeriCorps program, I’m trying to change that statistic. Being a tutor is one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done and I’m writing today because there are so many more kids that need our help.

Without math proficiency, students lack the skills needed for high school algebra, advanced sciences, and other classes that are gateways to higher education and good-paying jobs. With the disruptions and challenges caused by COVID-19, we know many of our learners will need extra help next year. As a tutor, you can provide additional support and help them get back on track.

Could you or someone you know give your time to help be more for students? In Marshall-Lyon County, 4 people are needed to begin in August.

Great tutors come from all walks of life, and the experience is an incredible opportunity for all ages — especially recent grads and college students interested in taking a gap year this fall. I believe being a tutor is great for anyone in need of a transition in their life. I started in the Spring of 2019 right after I graduated and I am building quite the skill set for when I am ready to move on to the next thing. I have also met plenty of tutors that were looking for a transition out of their full-time job or retirement. Tutors can choose to give 18, 25, or 35 hours a week and qualify for perks like a stipend every two weeks plus additional money for tuition or student loans.

You may be thinking, “I was never any good at math.” You do not have any reason to fear because Math Corps will supply you with research-based lessons that layout each lesson as detailed as you need it to be. I learn new methods and ways to think through problems with my students. There is also a great support system in place to help with any questions you may have throughout your service.

I’d love to begin the 2020-21 school year knowing there will be a tutor for every child who needs some extra help and hope you will join me. To learn more and apply, please visit readingandmath.net.

Aaron Koep



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