I smell fraudulent activity in COVID-19

To the editor:

The 1st amendment in the Bill of Rights prohibits any laws that inhibit the free exercise of religion and interfere with the right to peaceful assembly. These rights are not given to us by the government but are inherent to us. We are born with these rights! These are rights that shall not be infringed upon. The Bill of Rights is at the very core of us as United States citizens. To exercise the Freedom of Religion means to be able to meet at places of worship — remember the right to peaceful assembly.

The 1st amendment under the Bill of Rights has been trashed in Minnesota. So called “executive orders” do not supersede our 1st amendment rights. Not mentioned in the Constitution is freedom of choice. The Freedom of Choice is so plainly obvious that it is inherent to our freedom of Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. I can see an infringement of this right coming down the pike also. Life without the freedom of choice is slavery. Our politicians are tethered to the constitution whether they like it or not. Isn’t the constitution the law of the land?

The covid-19 stats can be manipulated by the people putting them together to suit their own needs or position. Until all the nursing home deaths are authenticated to be definitely due to covid-19 and not “COVID like symptoms” for monetary gain I will keep speaking my mind,. Everything is COVID like symptoms now. I honestly believe that if the federal money supporting this virus wasn’t ever there then the COVID death rate would be a lot lower than what it is now.

I smell fraudulent activity. Just wait. Cold and flu season will once again be upon us and I bet that it will no longer be colds and flu but will COVID like symptoms and we will be stuck in this trench forever.

Dave DeJong



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