Urge Biden to release delegates to NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo

To the Editor:

About a year ago this writer cited his misgivings in this newspaper about electing people over 70 to the Presidency of the United States. Given that I fit in that age category and may occasionally be sensible, (or stubborn) I have not changed my view.

I worry where we are going today. Our 1948 model self-centered President with some ironclad support but who disappoints most Americans, often separating us when we need to be united— is preparing to take on a well-meaning 1942 model former Vice-President who remains respected, but appears past his prime.

We are in the midst of a medical and economic emergency equal to a major war. Many of us in the senior category, and a few unlucky juniors will not survive it. We need a coordinated national response with an outcome months or years in the hazy future. Can either of the geriatric protagonists for President actually rise to the office’s challenges now and over the hard slog of the next four years?

As our crisis intensifies, it is gratifying that most our nation’s governors are decisively preparing their states for the threat. They surely overshadow our Deer-in-the-Headlights blustering President. I think Tim Walz has put our state on a proper footing as an example. But in the thick of the fight we are seeing Andrew Cuomo of New York dealing with the center of the crisis day by day. He’s providing the kind of steady leadership his state needs and a template for a national response. Theodore and Franklin Roosevelt met serious challenges as NY Governors before him. Later they delivered extraordinary leadership for our country as a whole.

It is my hope that 77-year-old-cancer-survivor Joe Biden will, as the presidential nomination process develops, consider releasing his delegates to a robust younger candidate like Andrew Cuomo. Extraordinary times require innovative selfless solutions.

Tom Runholt



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