U.S. Economy is being destroyed

This virus will be with us for some time. We must open up this economy now! Slowing the spread of this virus while destroying the economy is not the right strategy. We can protect the elderly and most vulnerable, while getting on with some normalcy. Some of the media has done its best to spread fear, panic, and anxiety among us.

All of the “models” thus far have predicted deaths to be much higher than reality. Studies are beginning to show that when this virus runs its course, the death rate may not exceed the death rate of a bad flu year.

If our economy collapses, along with the economies of most of the world, our way of life will be severely degraded. People are very afraid, of this virus, of losing their jobs (22,000,000 and climbing), and of seeing their retirement savings decimated. Many small businesses will never re-open. Depression, poverty, hunger, and secondary diseases could be widespread.

The federal government has already printed 6 trillion dollars (that’s 6 followed by 12 zeros $6,000,000,000,000) for stimulus checks, loans and grants. The federal government can not continue to print enough money to cover the economic losses

Delmar Koel



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